"A Bit of 'The Pink Schoolhouse' History" Book is available for pre-order purchase until August 10th.

Purchase a book to help support the efforts to save the Pink Schoolhouse!

In 1951, Rural School District #20 in Wilton Township closed, and the property was sold to Herny Bauman. It became the home for Lois (Bauman) Yess, her husband Lawrence, and their son Larry until they remodeled a house they had moved onto the same property near the school. Lois painted the school pink so everyone would know it was "special" and it has been pink ever since.

This Waseca County landmark of many years is now being refurbished by current owner, DeeAnn Britton. She and her husband, David, who live nearby took care of Lois for the last couple years of her life.  DeeAnn made a promise to Lois that she wouldn't let the school be torn down, so after she passed away, DeeAnn bought the land, building and belongings. The belongings have been offered in a number of sales, with all of these proceeds going into a special account for refurbishing the school. It now has a new roof and the foundation is being fixed. The woodshed has been removed and will be newly rebuilt as it was. The building will get new siding, windows and paint along with other needed repairs.

Over a year ago, Judy Joecks began putting together "A Bit of The Pink Schoolhouse" History with the purpose of honoring and preserving the history and life of "The Pink Schoolhouse" and to also help her friend, DeeAnn, raise more funds for this project.  All proceeds from this book will go to DeeAnn Britton's Pink Schoolhouse Fund.  It started out with the idea of 20 pages or so but has grown to 112 pages.   It includes District #20 history, photos and information for many of the teachers, comments from many of the students or their families, and much more!!  The last 17 pages include photos of most of the 94 Waseca County rural schools with their locations (compliments of Waseca County Historical Museum).  More information has been added to most of these photos, such as when they closed, what happened to the building, and a number of those that have been found still standing today.

This book can be preordered and prepaid by calling Judy Joecks at 507-317-1345. Orders must be received by August 10. Extra copies will be limited.