Waseca County History Center's
 "Blending Waseca's Past and Present" 2019 Calendars

The calendar features 13 blended photographs from Waseca. Calendars can be purchased at the Waseca County History Center for $15.00 each.


About this Project
By Vanessa Zimprich
I often find myself browsing the internet and scrolling through Pinterest looking for new projects and ideas. During one of these sessions,
I happened upon a project by a Dutch historian, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, called “Ghosts of History” (https://www.facebook.com/
thenandnowghostsofhistory) in which she blends photographs taken during World War II with some taken from the same location in
present day. I was familiar with the collection of photos from Waseca’s past available at the Waseca County Historical Society, and her
project inspired me to start a similar project with our local community’s history. Armed with my digital camera and some basic Photoshop
training from my husband, I set off to create these images that blend Waseca’s past and present. These images demonstrate the
blending of black and white snapshots from Waseca’s past with present day color photographs.

On of my favorite photographs is Waseca’s Decoration Day Parade taken circa 1910.