WCHS Photograph Reproduction Fees

    We welcome requests for copies of our photographs in collection. Please follow these instructions:


    1. Requests must be paid for BEFORE orders are processed. Send via regular mail with your check. All orders are processed in the order they were received. 

    2. If you are not sure of the total amount of your order, send request via email to director@historical.waseca.mn.us with list of photograph accession numbers, location information and size of photograph desired for each photo. (The Accession Number is located at the top of the photograph record. Every item in the WCHS collection has a unique accession number. Example:  86.44.5 or 1.39.546) Please note accession numbers preceded with "LU" are scans only, the society does not own that image. We will reply with exact amount of your order.

    3. When check is received, your order will be processed in the order it was received. Thanks for your interest in Waseca County images.


    Print Costs

    Plain Paper

    8.5 x 11 bl/wh copy paper print $1.00 
    11 x 17 bl/wh copy paper print  $1.25
    8.5 x 11 color paper print $1.50
    11 x 17 color paper print $2.00

    (Note:  Sepia photographs are considered “color” photographs.)

    Photo Paper

    8.5 x 11 bl/wh photo paper print $4.00
    8.5 x 11 color photo paper print $6.00


    Digital Scan Costs

    jpeg scans under 1 MB or 1000k can be sent via email, prepaid.

    Larger scans will be written onto a CD-ROM for delivery, prepaid.

    Because of security concerns, we cannot copy files onto customer provided disks.

    Collection scan (150 dpi/jpg)    $5.00
    High-Res scan (300 dpi/jpg or tiff)   $20.00

    (LU scans are not available for high res production.)

     jpg or jpeg files are of a size that allows fast loading of images online.

    tiff files are used for high quality output and publishing/print production.


    Commercial Use Costs

    Merchandise $50.00
    Advertising (Regional) $100.00
    Advertising (National/Inter’l) $500.00
    Publications (Under 1,000) $25.00
    Publications (1M-25M) $50.00
    Publications (over 25M) $100.00