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    Birth and Delay Birth Index: 1870-1982
    Birth Records: 1870-1940
    Marriage Index: 1857-1982
    Marriage Records: 1857-1920
    Death Index: 1870-1982
    Death Records: 1870-1940
    Death Records: After 1940 located at the Waseca County License Bureau

    Indexed Will Records: 1887-1949
    Probate Order Books: 1901-1925
    Probate Files: 1-1643 (Film)
    Naturalization Records Index and Records: 1859-1966
    Grantor and Grantee Index: 1856-1885
    Deed Records: 1857-1886
    Family Files
    Business Files
    Oral Histories
    Kinder Funeral Cards
    Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: Waseca, New Richland, Janesville
    State of Minnesota Plat Book
    Waseca Microfilm Newspapers: June 13, 1860-September 26, 1861; October 10, 1867-December 29, 1869; 1870-2009.
    Waseca Newspapers: May 2009- Present
    Janesville Argus Microfilm Newspapers: November 1873-December 2007
    Janesville Argus Newspapers: January 2008-Present
    New Richland Star Microfilm Newspapers: September 1884-December 2008
    New Richland Star Newspapers: January 2009-Present
    LeSueur County Death Records and Index: 1870-1941
    Steele County Marriage Records: 1868-1920
    Steele County Birth Index and Records
    Steele County Death Records: 1870-1940
    LeSueur County Death Records and Index
    All Waseca County Censuses except 1930
    Wisconsin and Misc. Census Films
    Donated Family Histories
    Waseca County History Books
    Minnesota County Histories and Periodicals
    Waseca County Plat Maps
    Minnesota County Plat Maps
    Waseca County Church Records
    Indexed and Photographed Cemeteries

    Waseca Crime Index & Articles CD
    Schuch Murder File CD
    Waseca & Janesville Homes-Date Built CD

    LDS Microfilm on Permanent Loan at WCHS:
    -Mennighueffen, Westfahlen, Evang, Kirche
    -Czarnikau, Posen, Evang, Kirche
    -Obersitzko, Posen, Evang, Kirche
    -Sanborn Family
    -Chickasaw Co., IA Deaths, 1880-1911
    -LeSueur Co., Births Vol. D, 1900-1910 (T-Z), Vol. E, 1911-1936, Death Index, Vol. 1-2, 1870-1949
    -LeSueur Co., Deaths, Vol. A-D, 1870-1911
    -LeSueur Co., Deaths, Vol. E, 1911-1941, Marriage Cert. 1854-1862, Marriage Records Vol. B, 1854-1890