Online Exhibit - Autograph Albums

    1879 Autograph Album belonging to Eddie Everett.
    Handwritten on first page: "Eddie Everett, Waseca, Minn. Feb 20, 1879"
    Many autographs of his school friends including that of his future wife, Nettie Miller.
    E. A. Everett was a partner in the Waseca business: EACO Flour Mill.
    Theodore San Galli
    Waseca Minn
    Oct 29th 1879
    "May the angels twine brightest
    roses in thy rose"
    Emma F. Mosher
    Feb 21st 1879

    1880's Autograph Album belonging to Alice.
    One of the autographs in the book is addressed to "Daughter Alice" and signed by J. B. Dye.

    "Tis better to be good than to be wise."
    Your Friend,
    William Waterbury
    Waseca, Minn.
    5th 11th 1882

    "Don't forget that game-
    Prince of Paris lost his hat
    and who should find it
    but number one."
    Your friend
    Thos A. Davis
    New Richland, Minn.
    March 1st, 83

    1880 - 1896 Autograph Album belonging to Mrs. Johnson.
    Addressed to Mrs Johnson
    Signed Waseca June 8 1885 K.S. Larson
    Signed E.D. Born
    24 July 1896

    1905 - 1908 Autograph Album belonging to Berton Hansen.
    Autograph Album was given to Berton Hansen from Uncle Severt on Dec 25, 1905.
      February 15, 1908

    1920s Autograph Album from the estate of Anna Holtz of Janesville, Minnesota.
    Signed Emma Kolb Signed Klerver Kolb
    27 June 1923

    1910 - 1940 Autograph Album belonging to Matilda Bahr.
    From Brother Carl
    May 7, 1934
    Addressed to Matilda Bahr
    Signed Clara Swift